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Mazal tov on the upcoming milestone of your dear son; his first haircut – and the moment he officially ends babyhood and enters the age of Chinuch – with Kippah and Tzitzis! What a Simcha!

I love celebrating Upsherns, and as the most popular event I get invited to, I’m always looking for ways to make your celebration be as smooth and Simcha’dik as possible!

Let me help you with your Upshern! Feel free to use these, whether or not you book me:

Upshern Invitations

Add your details and a photo of your son, then send to your guests!

Upshern Guide & Checklist

Have the menu and venue, and now the program too!

Upshern Colouring Sheet

Print for the kids to do at the party!

Want entertainment?

So you have the hair-cutting scissors, and the cookies, but what have you planned to make your party FUN for your guests so that they will enjoy it and remember your son’s special day long after the party ends?

Just choose one of the following packages, because now you can bundle it together and get MORE!

With this package, you get a choice of either a 30 minute Upshern-themed family-style balloon show (in which every kid will get a free gift!) OR 2 hours of me making balloon animals (in which every kid will get a balloon animal of their choice!)


With this package, you get a personalized guest reminder, balloon activities as guests arrive, colouring sheets & crayons, a 30 minute balloon show (every kid will get a free gift!), a mic for your ceremony, 1 hr of me making balloon-animals (every kid will get a balloon animal!), Jewish music & speakers, a pump and bag of balloons for kids to try out, and a special balloon for the Upshern boy!


With this package, you get everything above PLUS 100 candy-filled balloon-topped Upshern-themed pekelach cups!


What other Upshern-makers are saying.

We hired Yossi for my son’s Upshern and he outdid our expectations! The children were completely engaged the entire time. And the balloons he makes are magnificent!

C Brum, Brooklyn NY

Thank you for a great Upshern!

Shpigelman, Crown Heights

Before we began, I asked to cut the show short as we were running late, but during the show, everyone was loving it so much, I did not want it to end.
R Serebryanski, Brooklyn

Everyone at our Upshern wanted Yossi’s number! Not just for their children, but the adults too! Yossi is a game-changer when it comes to any kind of event – he lights up the room!
Y Hei

(All went) very well! You kept the kids entertained (at our son’s Upshern!)
F Shpritzer, CH

Amazing job! You were great! Thanks!
M Matatov, Flatbush

Everything was so great, the kids had a great time and you were fabulous, thank you again!!!
N Kislak, NJ

Our guests left with their balloons and with raving reviews, even the 14 year olds! In fact, even the 52 year olds!
A.R., East Flatbush

It was absolutely incredible. People were so happy with their balloons – they were coming over to me and telling me how amazing your work is! Thank you very much and much hatzlacha!!
M Kabacznik, CH

Yossi enhanced our Upshern – he did not dissapoint! From the beautiful “3” centrepiece, to the party cups, every bit added so much to our simcha! And my kids still talk about the show – the highlight!
H Junik, Crown Heights

The regards I got from the kids and adults who were watching (your show at my son’s Upshern) was that they absolutely loved it! Hope to see you again soon so that I get to see the show myself! Also, the center pieces looked great on the table!
H Greisman, NY

Thank you! You added a lot to the simcha. My son really enjoyed you being there!
S Simons, CH

Thank you! The kids were thrilled, it was perfect!
T Richler, Crown Heights

You were the highlight of the night! I will highly recommend.
C New, Crown Heights

Thank you so much! It was really a great show for the kids and the adults as well ? Even my teenage son thought you were a hit! The balloons were a lot of fun and really well done! My upshern boy is still being entertained with them!
M Mizrachi, Brooklyn

Adults and children absolutely loved your service! Both your balloons and music made the party into a huge success! You’re so patient and kind and I woul definitely recommend you to relatives and friends! Thank you! Hashem should bless you with continuous hatzlacha bgashmius ubruchnius!!
D Piekarski, Crown Heights

It was amazing! Thank you so much for making the effort to come. The kids loved it.
N Lagziel, Crown Heights

You were fantastic! Thank you so so much!
C Altman, Crown Heights

It was amazing! The kids were glued to you the whole time during the show. The balloons you made for each kid were great too! Thanks so much!
Mrs Bialestock, Monsey

Yossi’s show was enjoyed by the kids and the adults. All the kids were delighted with the unique balloons they received.
L Teitlebaum, CT

You were a huge hit! Thank you so much! We are very happy customers!
A Spiegel, Brooklyn NY

Just want to thank you again for a wonderful experience (at my son’s Upshern.) I’m still getting asked about you, and everyone had a great time!
F Goodman, Crown Heights

The guests at our Upshern were raving about their balloons! Yossi had the kids entertained for hours! All in an organized and exciting fashion! We can’t recommend Yossi enough! Hiring him, you are guaranteed the kids (and adults!) will be entertained!
S Mendelson, Marine Park

BH we are glad you enjoyed our Upshern too! We are very thankful for your patience and flexibility during our party, waiting for the guests to arrive. The kids enjoyed the show, especially when you put your head in the balloon ? The individual, customized balloon to every child made it really special for each! The goody cups were really a hit and added so much to the party atmosphere, especially the unique personalized stickers which adorned them! It was pleasant to deal with you and we appreciate your accommodation with the color scheme and theme! Simchos always, by all klal yisroel! And may we go Al Kanfei Nesharim, or on “balloons” to Eretz Yisroel today!!! Moshiach now! Ps. thanks for bringing the music and kids tricks as well, it definitely enhanced the atmosphere!
E Bogomilsky, CH

Thanks so much! Everyone really enjoyed! It was a real hit!
E Gansburg, CH

It was great! Thank you so much! Kids were entertained. And love the balloons!
H Brook, CH

Thank you for a wonderful job! I’ve gotten great feedback about your show – my nephew said it was the best part of the whole party!
S Butman, NY

Thank you so much for a wonderful show! The kids enjoyed so much!
M Leiter, CH

Thank you so much for coming!! Everyone had a great time and were very very impressed. Thanks again – will definitely be recommending you!
C Calmenson, CH

You were amazing! The kids really really enjoyed and were so occupied. My kids felt like a million bucks! Thank you soooo much!
P Binet, Staten Island

Yossi, I wanted to tell you we had such a great time! My family kept talking about how impressed they were that you were making balloons nonstop. Truly the life of the party, we were more than satisfied. From a repeat customer!
P Alpert, Crown Heights

It was so wonderful, all the children were so happy!
N Schleifer, Crown Heights

Everything was so amazing! Everyone was telling me how much they enjoyed. I will definitely spread the word!
E Shafran, Queens

Thank you! Everything was great and the kids had a lot of fun… My baby went to sleep with a balloon car ? He loved it.
S Best, Crown Heights

Thank you! It really enhanced our Simcha!! The kids enjoyed it and they were busy!
R Giter, Crown Heights

My wife and I and the kids loved it!! I’m so happy I found you and so glad you were able to come! It really made our party much more enjoyable for us, for the upsherin boy and for everyone there!
Y Katz, Toms River

Our son’s Upshern had a crowd of very mixed ages, and Yossi’s show really catered to them all at the same time! Really great!
M Tuvel, Kew Gardens

Got Yossi for our Upshern. Very patient, extremely nice, and easy to work with!
C Itzhakov, NY

The guests at our Upshern were raving about their balloons! Yossi had the kids entertained for hours! All in an organized and exciting fashion! We can’t recommend Yossi enough! Hiring him, you are guaranteed the kids (and adults!) will be entertained!

Thank you so much for coming out to New Haven for our son’s upshernish! Your balloon creations were amazing and it was definitely the highlight of the party! !
C Levitas, CT

Most amazing experience! Everyone really enjoyed and were amazed at Yossi’s talent! Book Yossi for any event, you will not regret it! Everything was incredible! A big thank you to you! Everyone (adults included) were so amazed and impressed at your talent! I just got a few txt msgs saying how the balloons were a real hit!
L Kabacznik, CH

Everything was great! You were amazing and the kids loved every minute! Everyone was talking about how great your balloons were. We even thanked our 6 year old for recommending you!!
M Zelkowitz, NJ

(Did everything go well?) Absolutely!!! Thank you so much for staying longer than expected and for having such an amazing attitude. I will share (with my friends) about our amazing experience!
H Levitansky, Brooklyn

Thank you so much for really enhancing our simcha! It really did, the kids were so happy!
S Rogatsky

Crown Heights

Was perfect! Great addition to our Upshern! All the kids loved it! Will definitely tell my friends to book you for their events ? Thank you SO MUCH!
C Adler, NY

You did a great job! All my guests enjoyed you, especially the kids!
T Ohayan, CH

Thank you very much! Kids really loved it. Everything was perfect!
Y Rubinov, Crown Heights

Was amazing! Thank you! My son is seeping with his balloons!
C Edelkopf, Connecticut

Thanks so much. You made the party. Everyone said how amazing it was.
D Z, Crown Heights

Was amazing Boruch Hashem!! Thank you so much!! Everyone loved it!!
C Lieblich, Crown Heights

We loved everything! It was the best entertainment!!!
C Donin, Crown Heights

It was great. Thanks again. The kids loved it and the parents too.
D Moshayev, North Woodmere

Did everything go well? Well is an understatement. Thank you for enhancing our Simcha so tremendously. Our son kept going inside the balloon car you made him when we got home.
I see these girls (at our Upshern) walking around with these balloon headbands and slap bracelets, and I was like “Wow! Where did you get that?!” I couldn’t even imagine that you did that! I’d never seen that before! I love how unique you are! I’m so gonna recommend you – that’s me when I’m happy with something ? I’m in awe! So professional! You just know how to make things that no-one else makes – you made a car, these amazing giraffes, multi-coloured creations… I’m so beyond impressed! Hashem should just bless you!
M Albukerke, Crown Heights