Want an educational activity?

Aside from being a balloon twister, I am also a certified Sofer (Biblical scribe). So, combining my knowledge of Safrus with my experience as a children’s entertainer, gets you … the most fantastic Torah/Tefilin/Mezuza Safrus Show & Workshop ever! Great as a Welcome or End -of-Year activity, a Chumash party, or to complement a teaching unit on Torah, Tefilin or Mezuza, for Erev Shavuos, or just for fun, in school or camp!

Sofer Show
For an older audience, the group learns the differences between a stuffed toy Torah/Mezuza and a real Kosher one.

For a younger audience – it’s with a puppet!

For any age!

For an unlimited amount of people in the audience!


for the 30 min show
Sofer Workshop

The workshop starts with an interactive presentation about the making of a Kosher Torah/Mezuza scroll! The parchment, ingredients for the ink, and shape of the quill. Some time for questions and then every kid gets to try their own hand as a scribe writing with a quill! 

For ages 5+.

Maximum group size 50 kids.


for the 1 hr workshop


Name Souvenir, Optional

Order the name of each kid handwritten on a piece of parchment as a memento!

FREE Safrus Activity

Print this sheet to let the kids try their hand as a Sofer scribe!

What other organizers are saying.

(Got the Sofer show for our special-needs group) and it was wonderful! Thanks!!

S Auerbach

Hebrew Academy Nassau County

Great show (you did for our Hebrew school.) It ran smoothly and everyone loved it. Thank you very much! 

F Katzman, Director

Chabad of Staten Island

We brought Yossi to N Carolina to do the Sofer Workshop. He was very creative, engaging, knowledgeable, and brought the workshop to life! A pleasure to deal with!
Z Bluming, Director

Chabad of N Carolina

The Sofer show at our Chumash party was AMAZING! We all enjoyed, kids and adults! Thank you again!
Mrs Helman, 2nd Grade Teacher

Beis Yaakov Girls Academy Queens

It was great! Thank you so much. It was informative and engaging. Zoom is definitely a challenging medium, and you were able to relay everything so well. The props and physical items were incredibly helpful.
I received positive feedback from students, parents, and even grandparents.
Mrs S Gelb, 2nd Grade Teacher

Bnos Malka, Queens

Today the girls from Shulamith school in Cedarhurst had the opportunity to learn all about the writing of a Sefer Torah in such a fun exciting way. Thank you Rabbi Yossi for making learning so much fun and giving us a little glimpse at what goes into writing a Sefer Torah. What a wonderful way to prepare for receiving our very first Chumash.
Mrs N Hollander, 2nd Grade Teacher

Shulamis, Cedarhurst

It was great and the children and teachers really enjoyed it! Thank you for working with us and for coming today.
Mrs C Kramer

Jewish Early Learning Center, Merrick

The kids (at our Siyum Sefer Torah) seemed very happy BH!
S Steinmetz


We absolutely love working with Yossi! His show is affordable, creative, and entertaining, and our campers look forward to the workshop every year! We also had the Sofer show in camp, and it was great!
C Aber, Director

Magen Israel Camp, Great Neck

Everything went really well! Rabbi Yossi is really great with the kids and interacts well with them, and gives them a deep understanding and joy!

Y Ivrey, Director

Toras Emes Hebrew School, Staten Island

Thank you for a fantastic presentation! My principal loved it!

N Jurkowitz, Coordinator

Bais Yaakov Queens

The students and rebbe felt it (the Sofer show) was very enjoyable.

C Zebberman, Principal

Cheder Chabad N California

Yossi did the Sofer show and the balloon and juggling workshops in after-school, and the boys keep asking if we can do it again!

M Orenstein, Director

Lubavitch Yeshiva & Darchei Menachem After School

Thank you so much for presenting at Bais Rivkah! The students really enjoyed the Sofer show. The Morah’s expressed that it was a pleasure! The girls were very engaged and were all talking about it later that day!
Mrs Slavin, Principal

Beis Rivkah Primary, Crown Heights

Lovely morning activity! Thank you – young and old enjoyed!
S Jaffe, Shlucha

Chabad Whitefield, UK

It looked amazing from my vantage. Whoever I spoke to loved it. Yasher Koach!
Y Vigler, Shliach

Mayan Yisroel, Flatbush