Birthdays & Family Parties

Hi there party-makers!

Are you making a

  • Birthday Party
  • Anniversary Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Bris
  • Bar Mitzva
  • Wedding
  • Sheva Brachos
  • Chanukah
  • Purim
  • Chol Hamoed Pesach or Sukkos Party
(or any event at which there will be kids)
and wondering what the kids are going to do there…?

Let me help you with your party! Feel free to use these, whether or not you book me:

Pizza Calculator

Ordering pizza for the event? Use this neat tool to know how much to get!

Colouring Sheet

Need something quiet to occupy the kids? Print these fun sheets!

Easy Game Ideas

Can’t think of good games? Watch this video demo or print list!

Want  entertainment?

To make your event FUN, COLOURFUL, and UNFORGETTABLE…
because when the kids are kept happily occupied and out of trouble, the parents can have a good time too! Just decide which type of the following entertainment would suit your event and you’ll get happy kids – who won’t want to leave the party!

Balloon Twister

Set your mind at ease that for the duration of the event, the kids will have somewhere to run to (yes, to me!) where they will get to imagine or choose from a menu of 40+ popular balloon animals (plus seasonal additions to fit the theme, milestone, or upcoming Jewish festival) and then watch mesmerized as their dream balloon is hand-crafted for them on the spot! What an attraction at your event!

Not just simple balloons! LED lights, glitter, hair clips, slapbands, noise-makers and more, to make every balloon wearable, shakeable, or otherwise interactive, so that the kids will still be playing with their dream toy for the rest of the event!

Every child will get a balloon!


for 2 hrs of me balloon-animal making at your party

Balloon Show

Gather your crowd for a family-style balloon show for children of all ages, and their parents! Guaranteed compliments!

Delight your event attendees with hilarious fun with balloon tricks, plenty of slapstick and age-appropriate comedy, a giant balloon routine and balloon maze competitions, lots of laughs from fly-away balloons, disobedient pumps and non-stop silly things going wrong!

When you make your atendees laugh, you’ll know that they’re loving your event! Great for all types of community-based events where whole families are invited!

Every child will get a balloon!


for a 30 min show

Looking for an activity which is a little more toichendik? Click here for my Torah/Tefilin/Mezuza Safrus Show & Workshop! Great for a Siyum Sefer Torah, Shul event, Elul Mezuza Checking event etc.

Want to really WoW your crowd?

Balloon Souvenirs

Delight every kid with a souvenir to take home on their wrist.

Balloon Candy Cups

They won’t forget your event fast when they take home one of these with balloon cups filled with candy!

What other party makers are saying:

The kids had a wonderful time (at the 70th birthday party) and we are very pleased with your work. Thank you very much!

B Lesches


I use Yossi (many times already!) to entertain the kids at our family’s Sheva Brachos and have always been very happy from start to finish. You are honest, reliable, and very very pleasant to deal with. Patient with the kids (and adults) who make detailed requests. Your balloons are all elaborate works of art! Each and every one of them! Thank you so much!

L Davidowitz


(Did everything go well with the entertainment at our family’s Chanukah party?) Very very very!

Cheifetz family


We booked Yossi to twist balloons for all the cousins at our family’s Chanukah party, and we didnt have to worry about the kids the whole time! He was great!

M Simon


Totally (satisfied!) The kids are in the car playing with the balloons now and I think it was really nice that you also made things for the Bachurim.

N Baum


Thank you so much! The children had a blast and it was the highlight of the party!

Mrs Nemes

Crown Heights

Thank you so much! It (my son’s Bar Mitzva) was beautiful! You were great!

C Zarchi

Crown Heights

I was super satisfied!! The kids (at my son’s 5th birthday party) really enjoyed Bh!! So happy to have come across your page on Instagram and will definitely share your contact with friends and family. 

S Flint

Crown Heights

Fantastic! You brought added joy to the kids Purim! Thank you. 

E Kaplan

Crown Heights

We were beyond happy! I’m giving everyone your number. The kids enjoyed and I love everything you did!

D Dubrawski

Crown Heights

It was amazing! The kids really enjoyed! Thank you very much!

M Tzfasman

Crown Heights

The kids (at my son’s party) couldn’t have been happier!

Y Rubinov

Crown Heights

I got the balloon show for my family’s Chanukah get-together. Yossi is great at deciding what each crowd needs to make them smile and giggle! And as they watch, he imparts messages of Yiras Shomayim and Ahavas Yisroel! Fantastic!
G Aber

Very (satisfied with your service)! The lamb puppet was very popular (at the Sofer show we got for our kids Torah-themed birthday party!)

S Wexler


We want to thank you, all the kids and adults were very excited! We loved it!

D Gaft

Crown Heights

Thank you again Yossi for today’s performance (at our son’s birthday)! It was wonderful and we all enjoyed! Adults and children!! Continued Hatzlacha Umufloga in your extraordinary work!

S Shimshoni

Crown Heights

I didn’t get to see the balloon show much (at the family party for the 70th birthday) because I was busy, but my wife said the kids were on a high, and even the adults enjoyed it! It was the perfect thing! You did a fantastic job. I was amazed how everyone was talking about it! It was a good hit!

T Elias

Borough Park

Thank you for coming (to our son’s 6th birthday party.) The kids loved the big balloon around your head and the humour was very nice too and for their age-level. They all left with a wonderful balloon that you so patiently gave them with a smile. I liked that you included the kids and the birthday boy. David felt so special with the handmade balloon hat!

V Sardor


Thank you so much! Everyone really enjoyed! It was a pleasure working with you –  truly made all the kids happy!


Crown Heights

BH Kids really enjoyed! Thank you!

D Nimni

Crown Heights

The kids loved it! You did an amazing job. Thanks again. I will recommend you to my family and friends.

R Appel


Thank you so much! The kids loved it! They want you to come down to their Cheder!

F Braun

New City

Thank you again for making the kids have a great time. I even had the therapist asking me for your info!
I Shakarova

Rego Park

The show was amazing at my son’s birthday! Kids enjoyed every minute! So much fun and excitement – thank you so much!

C Lovi

(Your balloon show and workshop at our family’s Chanukah party) was a ton of fun! Kids enjoyed very much! Thanks for everything!

M Kranz


(Booked Yossi for my niece’s 2nd birthday party) and my kids, who have seen you many times in the past, really liked it, more than other times! All the ages were engaged, entertained, and left happy with their balloon! Your interactive pieces were fabulous – definitely would recommend! Yashar Koach and I appreciate how you made sure every last kid was happy and got something!

M Lagziel


(Booked Yossi for our family’s Chanukah party and again for our parents 50th celebration) and you were excellent as usual and everyone was really happy!

C Grossman

Borough Park

The kids loved you (at our Bris!)

Y Katz

Thank you so much again! Your patience with all the kids is very much appreciated! They had a great time (at our family’s Succos party!)

Mrs Stilerman


Your skill is incredible. Everyone had a great time. We will be more than happy to have you again and to recommend you to others! Thanks!

R Rosenblum


We are all beyond satisfied with your service! My kids and all the others were thrilled and still talking about the fun they had on our way home. Was definitely a winner and would recommend to all my friends!!! Thank you so much!

F Goldstein


The kids were thrilled, the parents were thrilled, your balloons are state of the art perfection and top-notch in creativity! The way you deal with the kids is just so beautiful and professional and with such a warm yiddishe feeling. Sometimes when you hire an entertainer, they bring non-tznius things into the house, but with you, we felt very secure. I have only raving reports!

C Labkowski

Crown Heights

Both the kids and the parents enjoyed (the balloon entertainment at our wedding) immensely. If you ever need a reference, please send them my way!
Y Deitsch

Crown Heights