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Let me help you with your group! Feel free to use these, whether or not you book me:

Easy Game Ideas

Can’t think of good games? Watch this video demo or print list! 

Colouring Sheet

Need something quiet to occupy the kids? Print these fun sheets!

Want entertainment?

For a winning activity which will be sure to please your group, just choose one (or both!) of these options:

Preschool Balloon Show

30 mins

For preschools or kiddie camp

Includes lots of laughs from fly-away balloons, disobedient pumps and lots of silly things going wrong! Music, colour, and balloons – they’ll love it!

Your whole group can watch at the same time!

Every kid will get a free gift!



Elementary Balloon Show

40 mins

For elementary school or camp

Includes balloon tricks, games and competitions. a giant balloon routine and balloon maze competitions.
More volunteers, more involvement,  more balloons, more fun! A few lucky volunteers will walk away with some big photo-worthy balloon creations. 

Your whole group can watch at the same time!

Every kid will get a free gift!



Balloon Workshop

60 mins

For elementary school or camp

(Must be following a Balloon Show)

Imagine the look on all the faces of your group of kids when they step into a room filled with HUNDREDS of colourful PRE-INFLATED balloons! They will go crazy!

For the first 30 min, three balloon sculptures are taught step by step with clear and simple directions – the giraffe, the airplane and one MYSTERY object! Then, it’s 30 min of free play! The music is turned up and each child works with up to TEN inflated balloons, making whatever they want with the techniques they just learned! Including their own CRAZY balloon hats! 
This WILDLY POPULAR Balloon Workshop engages EVERY single participant (I assure you, no kid will refuse to try!)
Not to mention that it is an incredible photo opportunity!
Best for indoor venue.
The more kids, the merrier.

Every child will take home all the balloons they create! (That is, if they can get out the door with their huge armfuls of balloons!)


Looking for an activity which is a little more toichendik? Click here for my Torah/Tefilin/Mezuza Safrus Show & Workshop! Great as a Welcome or End -of-Year activity, a Chumash party, or to complement a teaching unit on Torah, Tefilin or Mezuza, for Erev Shavuos, or just for fun, in school or camp!

Want every kid to take home a balloon?

Balloon Souvenirs

How about send each kid home with a balloon from the show – on their wrist!


What other camp-directors and school-principals are saying.

The juggling workshop was really amazing. It was money well spent. In fact, you are undercharging!

L Nadtochy, Principal

Rego Park Hebrew School

The boys really enjoyed your interactive juggling workshop at our monthly HASC sibling night. Each person got the opportunity to try the various props, and you patiently explained to each how to juggle them!

M Fogel, Supervisor

HASC Center Day Hab

Thank you so much for coming down for the show at our school! The interaction between Yossi & the audience was strongly evident on the joyous faces!

D Lovi, Program Director

Bais Esther After School

The kids had a really great time! This says it all: “The funny man was very funny! He really knew what he was doing, he was just being funny!” (overheard from a kid) Thank you so much!

S Levitin, Director

CYP Kinus Camp

Thanks so much!
The kids LOVED it all- it was awesome!!

M Landa, Director

CGI Westport

It was great! The campers all loved it so much!
Thank you for making such a great show!
D Simons, Director

Bnos Menachem Day Camp CH

The teachers said the show was amazing and the kids went home raving about it. Thank you very much, everyone really enjoyed.
M Cohen, Director

All My Children Daycare, Lefferts St

Both our divisions enjoyed the show thoroughly, and the camper interaction was great! Secondly, I wanted to mention how impressed we were, that you were so mentschlich about doing the small show (ON A TIGHT SCHEDULE) for those two bunks delayed! It really changed their day, and instead of being sad for missing a show, they were thrilled for having a private show. Thank you and hope to see you next year! 

And the next year:

You were awesome as usual! We are and have always been very happy! 

Yossi just finished his 5th show in 5 straight years. He is awesome and good for all ages (he did 2-12 in our camp.) In addition to being easy to work with, he captures every age and they just want more and more. He is already on our calendar for next year’s camp!

Z Baumgarten, Director

CGI of Great Neck

The teachers said it was perfect! The kids really enjoyed it!

C Kabakov, Director

Gan Chayolei Hamelech, CH

We needed a quick captivating burst of entertainment for our zoom kid’s challah bake. Yossi did a great job!

C Konikov, Director

Orlando Jewish Day School

Everything was amazing! I was impressed how the 2 year olds were involved and the 6 year olds were begging for more,

Mrs Bineth, Director

Vien Sameach Day Camp

Thank you so much for today. Boys really enjoyed!

Y Elberg, Director

MyShliach Virtual Camp

Thank you so much! It was great!

A Schwadel, Director

Camp Atara

Great show (you did for our Hebrew school.) It ran smoothly and everyone loved it. Thank you very much! 

F Katzman, Director

Chabad of Staten Island

The kids truly loved your show! I got great feedback how involved all the kids were!

V Kanarek, Director

Beis Yaakov Day Camp, Borough Park

The kids really enjoyed it! You can always give my number as a reference!

Mrs Derbaremdiger, Director

Chavivi Day Camp, Borough Park

Kids LOVED it!

Rabbi Z Karp, Director

Machane Mamosh, Crown Heights

BH kids went home very happy!

M Zeiger, Director

Yeshuas Moshe Vizhnitz Camp, Williamsburg

We were very very happy! We had so many clowns and balloon guys come down, but no one made the kids as happy! The giggles and laughter said it all. The kids were entertained, stunned and amazed. We all had a blast! You really hit the spot! Job well done, and we all saved your number!

T Loeb, Director

HaMaspik, Monroe

The kids loved the show. And so did the staff!

R Kahana, Director

Camp Yaadir - Boro Park

Yossi was fantastic, the campers really enjoyed him and went home excited with their balloon creations. We look forward to having him back again next summer! 
E Simon, Director

Chabad Kiddie Camp Tenafly

(The balloon show and workshop) was tons of fun!
Y Overlander, Director

Ohr Menachem Day Camp

Amazing super duper show! Lots of compliments from parents! Really loved it! I was nervous at first but you did a fabulous job!
Y Alfih, Director

Oneg Camp Flatbush

We  had Yossi perform his balloon show in camp today, and he had the kids captivated for an hour and a half and they went home with their balloon creations.
T Lipchik, Director

Gan Yisroel Crown Heights

They had a great time, thanks so much!! You really helped at the last minute!! Thanks!
I Shamula, Director

Darchenu Camp

Fantastic and adorable!
Katina, Director

Machane Beis Rochel, HaMaspik Orange

Went very good! Kids really loved it! Thank you!
Ben, Director

Tiny Footsteps Daycare, Queens

The kids loved the show, and the staff as well. Went very smooth BH. Thanks again! The show was very interactive for our students and they enjoyed it immensely. Was interesting and fun at the same time!

Jewish Center Special Education

Thank you so much!!! It was incredible!!! Everyone really enjoyed! We hope you’ll come again!!

Camp SCHI, Pennsylvania

Wanted to thank you so much for a most wonderful show! The students of all ages loved it! I hope you’ll come back again! You should be matzliach and continue bringing smiles to children everywhere!!
RL Verschleiser, Director

Camp Tiferes Mordechai

Kids and staff were wowed and had a phenomenal time!
C Solomon, Director

Whispering Woods Day Camp

It seemed very suited for all the ages. They all really  enjoyed!
M Krasnjansky, Director

CGI Upper East Side

Hello Rabbi Yossi, thank you very much for your show yesterday. Kids were very happy. Everything was great! See you next time.
N Niyazov, Director

Wonderland Jewish Daycare, Queens

We absolutely love working with Yossi! His show is affordable, creative, and entertaining, and our campers look forward to the workshop every year! We also had the Sofer show in camp, and it was great!

C Aber, Director

Magen Israel Camp, Great Neck

Yossi came to our camp several times, always a hit, engaging kids of all ages. They loved it – it was hands-on fun!

Y Bryski, Director

Gan Menachem, NY

Very easy to reserve and work with. Was able to keep the kids entertained. Yossi came early, fully prepared, and stayed late! (The show) was a total success!

C Feig, Director

Avos UBanim, Monsey

Yossi came to our school to do a balloon twisting workshop and it couldnt have been better! Kah, he had over 60 kids participating! His instructions were clear, and each kid was so confident in the balloon sculpture he created! It was a fantastic day!

Z Greenbaum, Administrator

Cheder Menachem, New Jersey

So impressed (with the show!) The kids have never had such a good time! They had fun, and it was so professionally done on their level! And I won’t even start with my son – he is on a high – he can’t stop talking about it 🙂

Mrs Schnitzer, Director

Cheder, Monroe

Kinderlach & teachers absolutely enjoyed the show. You made them laugh. Thanks a lot!

C Fayershteyn, Director

All My Children Daycare, Crown St

Great show! Our camp of over 750 campers really enjoyed! Extremeley entertaining!

S Manes, Director

Shevach Camp, Lakewood

Wow! The show and workshop totally exceeded our expectations! Even the counselors were raving that “it was out of this world!”

S Elias, Director

Boyan Nechmod Day Camp, Brooklyn

It was great! The campers loved it thank you!

Would definitely bring you back next year BH!
B Arjang, Director

Shalom Kids Early Childhood Center Camp, Great Neck

Amazing! Kids were sooo happy! May you continue your great work in making our kinder happy!

F Winner/Hertzel, Director

Gan Menachem Kiddie Camp, CH

Thank you for a fantastic presentation! My principal loved it!

N Jurkowitz, Coordinator

Bais Yaakov Queens

The students and rebbe felt it (the Sofer show) was very enjoyable.

C Zebberman, Principal

Cheder Chabad N California

The kids were delighted! Thank you!

S Wolf, Camp Director

Hamaspik Kings Center

(The balloon show at our camp) was great! Thank you!

H Cohen, Director

Beis Chaya Mushka Day Camp

It was an amazing show, the kids really enjoyed it, thank you very much! Use me as a reference! 

M Zeiger, Director

Ruach Day Camp

B”h! You were really engaging, very interactive. We had kids blow their own balloons today making the cute stuff you’ve taught them. Thanks so much!

L Barski, Director

Florida Bungalows Camp

Yossi! You are the best! I was only there for a couple of minutes but it looked fantastic as usual. The kids were having fun and so were you! You kept them busy and out of trouble for a while, and that is worth a lot! : ) 

S Morgenstein, Director

CGI Rockland

The balloon workshop was unbelievable! Every kid left with so many balloons, and such big smiles! Definetly worth every cent! We had the most amazing experience with Yossi. Kids had so much fun, even the ones that at the beginning thought were “too old” joined the fun. My congregants said it was the best party. And Yossi was very easy to deal with!
I highly recommend his workshop!!

E Kushnirsky, Director

Russian Learning Centre Staten island

We had the balloon show followed by the workshop a our Hebrew School Purim day. Students had a great time and were thrilled to take home the beautiful creations they made. Overall it was a great success, and I recommend the program!

Y Katz, Director

Chabad Hebrew School of Tenafly, NJ

Kids were thrilled! They loved it (the balloon show and workshop!) 

S Blau, Director

Beis Rivka Day Camp, CH

The campers had a grand time! Teachers gave regards that the show was excellent! Everything went really well. Thank you!

R.K, Director

Yiddish Camp, Boro Park

It was a real pleasure having Yossi perform at our camp for children with special needs. He was so engaging and entertaining all throughout, and had the campers sitting the entire time. He even gave us so much extra time because the campers were so interested! Thank you!
P Binet, Assistant Director

Camp Migdal, Narrowsburg

Yossi was Excellent! Awesome job!

Kol Tuv
J Brecher, Director

Tomid Camp, Swan Lake

It was great! The children and teachers had a great fun time. You definitely brought in the Purim spirit to Bais Rivkah Pre1A! Thank you!
E Nemanow, Principal

Beth Rivkah Pre1A

The balloon show was very cute! Thank you for making it happen!
E Cohen, Director

Highland Park Day Camp

The kids enjoyed as well as the staff 😉 Thanks again!
S Senft, Director

Camp Fun, Queens

Thanks again for today – it was AMAZING!!
M Silbermintz, Director

Yeshiva Ktana, Passaic

Thank you for making time on Friday for the show!! I see kids really enjoyed it. Thank you very much!!

M Schneiderman, Coordinator

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch

I heard really good reports from the staff. Thank you for being so easy to work with.

Rabbi Bernstein, Director

CGI Manalapan

The kids really enjoyed, they were fascinated. Thank you so much!

D Kabakov, Director

Gan HaChayolim, Crown Heights

Everything exceeded any expectations I could’ve had. I only wish we would’ve arranged another show for the older boys! Next year iyh! The balloons on slap bands were a massive hit – it was a good thing to send them home with! Absolutely incredible!

B Zaltzman, Program Director

CGI Greenwich

It was an amazing show!

S Lanier, Director

Camp Boyan

We were so happy! Yossi was able to hold the attention span of 70 two-year-olds with all sorts of age-appropriate jokes and tricks! There was much smiles and laughter – from the children and the teachers!

MM Perlow, Director

Beis Chaya Mushka Preschool, NY